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BALETITE® - Advantages and Benefits

The launch of combi-balewrappers capable of applying film instead of net has paved the way for Film&Film Wrapping (F&F) – an innovative, dual film wrapping system. On this page we outline the advantages and benefits of Baletite, as part of the F&F Wrapping System including the storage, handling and application of Baletite as seen in the presentation below:


  • 66% of a round bale’s surface area is around the circumference……traditionally the least protected area.  Now, Film&Film Wrapping offers unprecedented protection to this significant, and largest, bale area.


  • Trials undertaken by ILVO in Belgium found that F&F bales were on average 2cm smaller in circumference than netwrap bales in addition to being 10% denser.


  • A recent commercial farm trial found that  an average of 7.35kg DM was gained for each Film&Film bale.  The resultant 86.73MJ ME averagely gained for each F&F bale could provide an additional 15 litres of milk production.  Watch the trial video on the BALETITE® You Tube channel.


  • Netwrap continues to elongate after baling but the stiffer configuration of BALETITE® maintains the pressure that has been applied within the baling chamber. This greater crop compaction facilitates more efficient storage and better handling.


  • Film&Film Wrapping makes feed out easier.  If using a bale handler and mixing wagon it is possible to feed out the F&F bale contents with minimum human intervention.  BALETITE® peels cleanly from the bale.  No fodder can become enmeshed in it as with netwrap – especially important on frosty, winter mornings.


  • BALETITE® is 100% polythene so it can be recycled with balewrap.  There is no need to separate it for recycling separately.  A further benefit is that BALETITE®’s unique sleeve packaging can also be recycled with used balewrap as it too is 100% polythene.

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