Baletite for Compactors

For Compactor Machinery 

Baletite 13µm is specifically made for compactor machinery. As the film is stronger, the use of less layers of film is possible with the high break tension setting on the machinery.

Using less layers with high break tension:

  • Optimum compaction and better storage > less expansion of the bale and easier handling 
  • Time efficiency > more bales/hour 
  • Cost efficiency > less cost/bake, less reel changes 
  • Fully recyclable > recycle with bale wrap

Technical Specifications

Application Width (mm)  Thickness (µm) Length (m)  Reels per Pallet (#) Pallet Dimensions (cm)  Pallet Height (m) 
Maize/Sugar Beet 950   13   2400   20   112 x130   1.10

Baletite is manufactured in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 accredited manufacturing facilities.

In the unlikely event of a problem each reel of Baletite is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability.