Corporate Social Responsibility

We continue to develop our working practices and to improve our environmental performance by setting objectives and targets combined with clear management programmes to minimise our impact on the environment and the communities in which we work. We are commited to being a responsible manufacturer and a good neighbour through:

  • minimising the use of raw materials and other resources and using only organic master batches and pigments which are completely free of heavy metal (a practice we have undertaken since 1988).
  • operating a closed loop system which ensures the reprocessing of our production waste in-house.
  • working with customers to minimise their use of resources through environmentally responsible packaging systems.
  • promoting the reuse, recycling and recovery of our silage films.
  • improving the environmental performance of our processes by reducing emissions and energy use, minimising waste and controlling noise.
  • operating to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management standard.
  • collecting rainwater for use in our cooling in order to minimise use of ground-tap water. Furthermore, our production activities do not release any polluted water into the environment.
  • minimising electricity consumption. All production equipment is fitted with high efficiency alternating current motors that consume less electricity than conventional models. Additionally, we only use green current generated through alternative sources.