Maximum Bales, Maximum Efficiency 

SilotitePro offers farmers and contractors several benefits including more bales per reel, time savings and enhanced silage quality. Its unique sleeve packaging means that SilotitePro has less packaging material, with no bulky boxes to move around and recycle separately. The packaging is made of the same material as the film inside, so it can all be recycled together.


Designed for professional users with high output combiwrappers Even more length 

33% more bales per reel, even less downtime 


Pro Technology

SilotitePro is manufactured using the latest raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques that enhance the essential characteristics of silage stretchfilm. As a pre-orientated film SilotitePro benefits from an enhanced oxygen barrier – critical to ensuring excellent crop conservation.


  • UV stability
  • Puncture resistance 
  • Tear resistance 
  • Elacticity 
  • Cling capacity


Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Reels per pallet (#) Box/Sleeve
750mm 20 2000  40 Sleeve

SilotitePro is available in:

White Black Green

In the unlikely event of a problem each reel of Silotite Pro is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability.

SilotitePro is manufactured by an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accredited company.

Superior performance certified by RISE