The seal of excellence

SilotitePro, a technically advanced silage stretchfilm, offers farmers and contractors the triple benefits of an enhanced bale wrapping process, significant cost savings and augmented crop quality. Additionally, this next generation bale wrap, developed for use with round and square bale wrappers, has the added benefit of being easier to recycle thanks to its thinner, but stronger profile.

Pro Technology

SilotitePro is manufactured using the latest raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques that enhance the essential characteristics of silage stretchfilm.  The unique system of continuous measurement and adjustment applied during the SilotitePro production process assures the optimisation of the film’s high performing structure.

Technically advanced stretchfilm

Highly effective, pre-orientated stretchfilm – robust enough to withstand the rigours of modern, complex wrapping machinery.

Greater reel length

SilotitePro benefits from a greater reel length than conventional stretchfilms.  This additional length allows users to produce more bales per reels with fewer reels changes necessary.

Optimised performance

Thanks to pre-orientated production process SilotitePro is better placed to withstand tough, stemmy forage crops.

Enhanced oxygen barrier

As a pre-orientated film SilotitePro benefits from an enhanced oxygen barrier – critical to ensuring excellent crop conservation.

Suitable for all balewrappers

Whilst SilotitePro is suitable for use on all balewrappers it was designed specifically for modern, complex, high output wrappers.

UV protected worldwide

SilotitePro is used globally from northern Scandinavia to central Australia as such it is manufactured in a range of UV formats to protect bales whatever the weather.

Certified to SP Standard

Accredited by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden (now called RISE), a leading international research institute, SilotitePro is certified to exacting manufacturing standards.

Better for the environment

Being thinner SilotitePro uses less film by weight to wrap a bale meaning there is corresponding less film to recycle after use.  Additionally, the film is fully recyclable.

Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Reels per pallet (#)
750 20 2000 40

SilotitePro is manufactured in ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accredited manufacturing facilities.

SilotitePro is available in:

White Green Black

In the unlikely event of a problem each reel of SilotitePro is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability.