Silotite Sustane

Innovative, Sustainable, Silotite                                    

Silotite Sustane is a sustainable silage stretchfilm manufactured using 30% recycled material. The significant proportion of recycled content means Silotite Sustane balewrap contributes to the circular economy. During field trials Silotite Sustane demonstrated a consistently high level of technical performance during application in addition to handling well post-wrapping.

Silotite Sustane balewrap is made using recycled polymers that have been developed to manufacture a host of second life products. These recycled polymers are now in widespread use across the construction, waste management and landscape sectors. 

Made with 30% recycled content 

Comes in a unique grey colour 

Suitable for round and square bales 

UV radiation protection for all climates 

As consistency of quality is paramount in silage stretchfilms, previously used plastics are carefully selected to produce a balewrap that meets rigorous quality standards, and full traceability procedures applied.

Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Reels per pallet (#)
750 25 1500 40

Silotite Sustane can help farmers be more sustainable during farming operations, while also ensuring that any crops ensiled will not be spoiled through poor protection which could result in considerable waste being generated.

This alternative balewrap, as part of the circular economy, helps to reduce and recycle film waste.