Superior, High Strength Silage film and Net Replacement Films

Our market leading products are used in the preservation of a variety of winter forage including grass, maize, sugar beet pulp, clovers, alfalfa and legumes across a variety of climatic conditions worldwide. In order that we can continually improve our product range we actively seek feedback from farmers and agricultural contractors and work closely with key research establishments to undertake commercial scale trials and ensiling research. The Silotite range of premium silage films includes:

Silotite: Superior, high strength stretchfilm that withstands the rigours of high speed wrappers and tough, stemmy forage crops.

SilotitePro: Next generation stretchfilm designed for round bale integrated combi-wrappers to provide a more efficient wrapping process and enhanced environmental credentials.

Baletite: An innovative new product that replaces netwrap. Made from polythene it provides an additional air barrier whilst saving time and saving labour costs at the recycling stage.

These premium brands that provide superb functionality and added value also benefit from the highest levels of service and support from our dedicated customer service and technical support teams.