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Film & Film Wrapping

Advanced balewrapping solutions

The innovative dual wrapping method

Film&Film (F&F) wrapping is an innovative dual wrapping method, which combines the use of SilotitePro balewrap and Baletite netwrap replacement film. This results in better shaped and more compact bales which can better withstand handling. Using baler film instead of netwrap F&F wrapping system helps to reduce silage losses by reducing mould growth and preventing silage becoming enmeshed during feedout.

Less silage losses

Easy opening

Denser bales

Optimised recycling

The high holding force of Baletite in the F&F wrapping system maintains the pressure that has been applied during baling. Trials undertaken found that F&F bales were on average 2cm smaller in circumference than traditional netted bales.  

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Bale Calculator

Technical Specification


Width (mm)Length (m)Reels per pallet (#)
750 1800 40


Width (mm)Thickness (µm)Length (m)Reels per pallet (#)
750 20 2000 40


ApplicationWidth (mm)Thickness (µm)Length (m)Reels per pallet (#)UV Protected
Maize/Sugaer beet/TMR 950 13 2400 20 NO
Maize/Sugaer beet/TMR 1280 13 2400 20 NO
Grass 1280 16 2000 20 NO
Grass 1380 16 2000 20 NO


ApplicationWidth (mm)Thickness (µm)Length (m)Reels per pallet (#)UV Protected
Haylage  1280 20 1650 20 YES
Haylage 1380 20 1650 20 NO


Available in

  • Black

  • Green

  • White