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The netwrap alternative

Baletite is a netwrap replacement film that has been created for baling machines that can apply film instead of net. Baletite enhances the ensiling process and protects the contents of the bale by creating additional layers of protection around the bale. Baletite provides an air barrier, that helps to prevent the growth of white mould, which can cause valuable silage losses.

Consistent performance

Consistent Performance

Increased ease of working

Increased ease of working

High holding force

High holding force for better shaped bales

Convenient sleeve packaging

Convenient sleeve packaging

Baletite’s production from the same base material as balewrap means users don’t have to separate Baletite from balewrap after use. Instead, both Baletite and balewrap can be recycled together, saving valuable time and labour costs.Using Baletite as an alternative to netwrap results in better shaped bales, by exerting a tighter grip around the bale circumference. It also reduces silage waste as no fodder can become enmeshed.

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Technical Specification

Width (mm)Thickness (µm)Length (m)
1280 16 2000
1380 16 2000

Available in

  • White