Quality is paramount in all of our production processes. Whether you're talking about our balewrapping films or our netwrap replacement films, we have built our reputation on offering high quality, consistently reliable silage films.

To ensure our products reach you free from material or manufacturing defect, every aspect of our manufacturing operation is subject to rigorous, regular internal audits to review - and where necessary adjust - instructions and procedures in order to guarantee quality at all times.

Our Quality Assurance team work with each department to implement the stringent standards of the ISO 9001 quality system deployed across the business. As such all employees are involved and this ensures the quality system is truly dynamic.

Additionally, all incoming raw materials and master batches are subjected to a thorough inspection in our laboratory prior to use. Moreover, we regularly conduct film analyses to make certain that the composition of our finished products meets the stipulated requirements of our quality system.

In addition to focusing on internal manufacturing procedures our Quality Control Department also conducts regular tests on farm to examine the film performance in the field. These comprehensive field tests enable us to ensure that the Silotite range continues to evolve and remains suitable for use on all modern, well-maintained wrappers.

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