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  • Celebrating 40 years of Silotite
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Sustainable Manufacturing 

  • To the rigorous ISO 14001 environmental standard 
  • Manufacturing fully recyclable films 
  • Striving to minimise environmental impact 

Material Engineering 

  • Using decades of experience to optimise raw materials

Automatic Parameter Control 

  • Unique automatic parameter control system 
  • Continually measuring all extrusion parameters 
  • Automatically adjusts parameters to target values if necessary 
  • Delivers consistent film quality whichever extrusion line is used

Reliability and Reassurance 

  • Ensures production of an outstanding film range that performs consistently reliably 
  • Decades of experience 
  • Products tested in all climates from Canada to Europe to Australia 

Technical Innovation 

  • Utilising the most innovative extrusion technologies 
  • Continuous research and development and field trials to enhance our product portfolio 
  • Our range includes 5 layer, 7 layer, 9 layer and Pro technology films
  • Continual investment in advanced manufacturing infrastructure and product specific accreditation