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Adding Value, Saving Time

The cost-effective solution

SilotiteECO provides an economical balewrapping solution for small to medium sized farming operations. It is a tried and tested balewrap developed for use on fixed round balers.

This cost-effective silage stretchfilm is manufactured with 10% extra length which allows users to gain up to 10% more bales per reel. Depending on the number of layers applied, this could mean an additional 3 bales are wrapped for each reel used. The extra film length also saves time as it means fewer reel changes.

10% Extra length, 10% more bales

10% extra length, 10% more bales

3 extra bales per reel

3 extra bales per reel

Fewer reel changes

Fewer reel changes

For use on fixed round balers

For use on fixed round balers

Bale Calculator

Technical Specification

Width (mm)Thickness (µm)Length (m)Reels per pallet (#)
750 22 1650 40

Available in

  • Black

  • Green

  • White


Colours may vary according to region