Silotite Eco

Adding Value, Saving Time 

SilotiteECO provides an economical balewrapping solution for small to medium sized farming operations. It is a tried and tested balewrap developed for use on fixed round balers.

This cost-effective silage stretchfilm is manufactured with 10% extra length which allows users to gain up to 10% more bales per reel. Depending on the number of layers applied, this could mean an additional 3 bales are wrapped for each reel used. The extra film length also saves time as it means fewer reel changes.

SilotiteECO is available in:  

Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Reels per pallet (#)
750 22 1650 40


Black White Green

 In the unlikely event of a problem each reel of SilotiteEco is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability.

Silotite is manufactured in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited manufacturing facilities.