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Agricultural Solutions
From Silotite

Our 5 pillar program

More than anyone, farmers understand how important it is to take care of the environment in which we work and live. Berry are constantly working to provide new balewrapping solutions for the modern farmer. Our products incorporate recycled content, Pro technology and convenient sleeve packaging.

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality With Silotite

  • No film losses due to breakage

  • Certified quality film for high quality silage = no fodder losses

  • All crops, all climates
Convenient Sleeve

Increase efficiency
& reduce waste
With a convenient sleeve

  • No bulky boxes

  • Sleeves protect reels

  • More bales per reel
    = less pallets
    = less transport
Stronger And Lightweight Films

Stronger & Lightweight films With ProTechnology

  • Less film to recycle

  • Thinner, yet stronger film

  • More bales per reel
    = less pallets
    = less transport
Less Fodder Losses And Easy Recycling

Less fodder losses & easy recycling With Film & Film

  • Significantly reduced forming of mould

  • No fodder can become enmeshed, reducing fodder losses

  • Baletite & Silotite can be recycled together, no need to separate
Integrating Recycling Content

Intergrating Recycled Content With SilotitePro1800 Sustane®

  • Made with 25% post-consumer recycled content

  • Recyclass

What can be done with used silage film after use?

Used silage films should not go to waste as they can be recycled to manufacture items such as damp proof membranes and refuse sacks amongst other things. Recycling schemes now exist is most countries for reprocessing agricultural films and it is important (and more cost-effective) to ensure that films are prepared properly for collection by a registered waste management company.


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