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Silotite and Van Haute Landbouwmachines Competition Winners

Silotite and Van Haute Landbouwmachines Competition Winners

Back in December Silotite and Van Haute Landbouwmachines hosted a giveaway competition at the Agribex fair in Brussels, Belgium. Two lucky participants had the opportunity to win a €1000 voucher of Silotite balewrap or Baletite balerfilm.

The first winner was De Wachter, a contractor from Breendonk. Their contracting business wraps around 3000 bales per season using a Mchale Fusion 3 plus. 

De Wachter wraps primarily with Baletite and SilotitePro, but also makes haylage in the summer months. For application, he applies 3 turns of balerfilm, which delivers a comparable result to 4 turns of net. De Wachter commented “I prefer doing a good job for my customers, rather than looking for minimum settings and putting quality on the line”.

For handling the bales, De Wachter uses a round bale grabber rather than a spike. He commented, “the easiness of transport and stacking of bales depends mostly on the silage quality. However, having firmer, denser bales for sure helps. F&F wrapping helps to achieve with this”. De Wachter favours using Film&Film system for his customers as much as possible.

The second lucky winner from the giveaway competition was Joël Spabeck. Joël owns a contracting business in Retinne, a French speaking village in the Pays d’Herve region. 

Joël produced 3000 bales last year using McHale Fusion Vario 4, which he has owned for a year. His customers are familiar with the advantages of Balerfilm and often request Film&Film bales. For silage and haylage, Joël always uses Baletite, but also makes straw upon request.

Congratulations to both winners. To learn more about the advantages of Film&Film wrapping, please visit https://www.silotite.com/film-and-film-wrapping/