Contractor is a lifelong F&F Fan


Snorre Hoff is a farmer, contractor and entrepreneur from Brekstad, Norway who has been working in farming for over 30 years. He is a contract baler, producing silage from grass and hay for his customers.

Since the early 1990’s Snorre has used SilotitePro to make over 20,000 bales a year, and two years ago he started using Baletite and SilotitePro together. Using his three McHale Fusion 3+ machines, Snorre produces over 20,000 bales a year.

The grass is wilted for around 24 hours, and then 3.5 layers of Baletite are applied, followed by either 6 or 8 layers of SilotitePro bale wrap. This is applied in the field, and bales are then moved quickly, after being made, to their storage area. Snorre produces an average of 135 bales per reel of Baletite and 23 bales per reel of SilotitePro 20µm. 

Part of the film & film wrapping system is Baletite that replaces netwrap with baler film, a polythene film that is specifically manufactured to have a higher holding force, producing a compact bale that keeps oxygen out of the bale. Using Baletite along with SilotitePro bale wrap means less losses and easier to open bales at feed out.

Not only do the bales keep their shape better during storage, but farmers have also found that Baletite offers better protection from birds than net wrapped bales. Snorre added "We also found that frozen net wrapped bales are harder to open than those wrapped with the Film and Film system, and there are more losses, as the fodder sticks to the net."

Snorre has had many comments from farmers about the better silage quality that Baletite provides. He reported that he produces bales for 6 robot milking farms, and they all see a connection between using Baletite and the volume of milk produced.

Snorre states "my customers have seen a vast improvement in silage quality with Baletite, and also the quality of milk produced from their herds."