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SilotitePro1800 Sustane® launched on British and Irish soil at LAMMA 2024

SilotitePro1800 Sustane® launched on British and Irish soil at LAMMA 2024

This year’s LAMMA 2024 show, at the NEC, Birmingham, received a record number of over 40,000 visitors over the two days. Berry Global’s Silotite stand was very busy with visitors from Britain, Ireland and overseas, calling by to learn about the company’s Film&Film dual balewrapping system.

Berry Global, who are leading manufacturers of bale wrap film, availed of the occasion to launch their new SilotitePro1800 Sustane balewrap, which incorporates 25% post-consumer recycled content.

Last year, over 40 million bales of silage were wrapped worldwide with Silotite film, of which 10 million were cross-wrapped with the Baletite baler film, replacing traditional netwrap.

The Film & Film dual wrapping system results in more uniform and compact bales, which can better withstand handling and have a longer storage life. Using baler film instead of net wrap, the F&F wrapping system helps to reduce silage losses, limiting mould growth and (thanks to its smooth surface) prevents silage from becoming enmeshed during feed out.

Silotite commercial farm trial results obtained in Britain indicate that a dairy farmer could gain an average of 5.7kg DM (Dry Matter) per F&F bale, so the 67.26MJ ME gained (on average) for each F&F bale could yield an additional 11.6 litres of milk production. For a cattle farmer, each F&F bale could result in an additional 1.5kg of beef production.* 

The all-new SilotitePro1800 Sustane product is an 1800m film with 25% post-consumer recycled content, which has been certified by Recyclass. This is based on the popular SilotitePro1800 product and delivers the high levels of technical performance that existing Silotite users are familiar with.  

Through lightweighting and the incorporation of recycled content, the environmental load of SilotitePro1800 Sustane 23 μm film (with 25% PCR) is ±24% less than Silotite’s standard 25 μm film (with 0% PCR), supporting the circular economy and helping to divert waste from landfill. 

This new balewrap offers contractors more benefits including 20% more bales wrapped per reel, time savings as 20% less reels are required, plus a reduction in transportation and product storage**. Its unique sleeve packaging means that it has less packaging material, with no bulky boxes to move around and recycle separately. 


* Calculation based on feed costings data made available in December, 2022, by Dr. Tom Butler of FBA Laboratories. 

** Compared to Silotite Original 25μm, 1500m film.