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Olly's Farm wrapping with Silotite1800

Olly's Farm wrapping with Silotite1800

Olly’s Farm is a YouTube channel dedicated to modern farming life. Olly is a farmer who lives in Norfolk England who has worked on a family farm his whole life. His content includes farm work, where food comes from, machinery tours, machinery reviews, farm visits, travelling and much more!

In a recent video, Olly used Silotite1800 balewrap, supplied from Silotite, to wrap netted bales on a Tanco A Series wrapper. Check out the video here… https://youtu.be/NSvziIQp9og 

Silotite1800 offers farmers and contractors several benefits including more bales per reel, time savings and enhanced silage quality. With its greater reel length, Silotite1800 means less reel changes, and more bales per reel. Silotite1800 also comes in unique sleeve packaging that saves space and can be recycled with bale wrap.