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Quality Forage Podcast

Quality Forage Podcast

Improving forage quality

Understanding the importance of quality forage, improvements in technology and sustainability are just some of the topics covered in the latest NFYFC podcast recorded with Kuhn Farm Machinery UK.

Episode two in this podcast series with Kuhn was recorded by Meet the Farmer podcaster Ben Eagle and focuses on the topic of forage. It includes interviews with Kuhn’s Product Specialist Katie Calcutt and leading plastic manufacturer Berry BPI’s Area Sales Manager Stuart Anthony.

The conversation reveals how a range of harvesting equipment has been created to process forage at very high outputs but that the focus has now turned to higher efficiencies and the benefits that brings in terms of sustainability.

“This is where the improvement in forage quality really starts to play an important part in the process,” Kate says in the podcast. “[We’re] not just looking at how much [forage] we can produce in an hour but we’re looking at the quality we’re getting from that forage.”

Kate goes on to talk through the full process of harvesting and how the best possible outcomes can be achieved, while Stuart discusses the details of quality bale wrapping and the progress being made with plastic recycling.

“We recommend you wrap all round bales with six layers,” Stuart explains during the podcast. “The improvement of quality from four to six layers is where you see such a big difference in those two extra bindings, where it gives more protection and keeps more oxygen out of the bale. Yes, it’s a little bit more money but it utilises everything we’ve got out in the field, which is more important going forward, where we have to be more efficient and get everything we can out of every acre of land. [We need to] look at what profit per acre we’re making rather than, ‘it’s just a stack of bales in the corner of the field’.”

Recycling plastic can be expensive, but Stuart explains that it’s an important part of the process and something Berry BPI have been doing through its recycling division for more than 25 years.

“Annually we recycle 73,000 tonnes of bale wrap (we collect for everyone else as well) – and it includes anything based in the agriculture and horticulture sector,” said Stuart who discusses how the recycling process creates a lower grade polymer that is ideal for building materials, such as membranes for floors, bin bags and garden furniture. “The recycling of the product is quite an expensive and laborious task but obviously it’s a very important part of our business for completing the circle on environmental awareness and social responsibility.”

The podcast series is being recorded for YFC members to help to provide insight on key industry issues, career opportunities and a greater understanding about Kuhn’s work.

NFYFC’s AGRI Chair Tom Pope said: “This is yet another insightful podcast from Kuhn and recorded by Ben Eagle for YFC members. It’s really useful to learn more about the developments in the industry in terms of the new technology and the focus on sustainability.

“If you’re looking to learn more about forage and improving its quality, then this is the ideal place to start. Thank you to everyone involved in sharing their insight on this and we hope YFC members find it useful.”

You can listen to all of the Kuhn podcasts here – http://www.nfyfc.org.uk/KuhnPodcast