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Quality Bales with Silotite Sustane

Quality Bales with Silotite Sustane

To sustain these cattle, Orlham Farm aims to minimise the need for bought in supplements, by producing as much home grown feed as possible. Matt focuses his attention to grassland management, by growing specifically selected high protein grasses, to provide a continual supply of grass throughout the grazing season. Furthermore, rotational grazing is practiced for the   suckler herd from March to the Autumn.

Matt Samuel uses Silotite to wrap his silage bales to achieve the highest quality silage using excess grass that is taken out of the grazing rotation. When Matt was offered to use Silotite Sustane, he was pleased to try it, being conscious that the use of plastic in agricultural is currently under scrutiny.

Silotite Sustane is a sustainable silage stretchfilm manufactured using 30% recycled material. It is made using recycled polymers developed by Berry bpi, who have over 40 years of experience in recycling post-use flexible packaging. Silotite Sustane can help farmers enhance their environmental credentials while also ensuring that any crops ensiled will not be spoiled through     inadequate protection which could result in significant waste being generated. This alternative balewrap, as part of the circular economy, helps to reduce and recycle film waste.

Until last September at Orlham Farm, a film with recycled material had not been used in the UK and Ireland. After using Silotite Sustane and opening the bales, Matt commented that “the quality achieved was exactly the same as when using standard Silolite”.